Welcome to The Vogue Theater of Chula Vista Home Page. This is where you will find all the information pertaining to this
Landmark that has recently been denominated as a Historical Building by The City of Chula Vista. The Vogue Theatre will be open and available to the community at large as a Cultural, Performing Arts and Entertainment Facility coming in the near future!
Our intention is to bring back its original core use, the good ol' movie theater. Yes a movie theatre with several added values which are in intent educational, cultural and entertaining. This is what we call a multi-functional, multi-performative, multi-meaningful space. A space that can bring about several different uses in a dynamic style to the cultural heart of Chula Vista, The Third Avenue Village. This of course is to be able to also revitalize the zone with more business potential provided by the pedestrian traffic and action that this space can bring to Downtown Chula Vista.
Our proposed facilities will include a fully functional stage equipped with a large projection screen, green (artist) rooms, technology room, a recording studio, a multi-performative center space, state of the art sound and lighting, food staging areas, artist spaces for education and rehearsals and many other uses.
The owner’s of The Vogue Theatre want this space to become a vibrant jewel in Downtown Chula Vista that can be a generator of new business around the 3rd Avenue area, as well as a Community hub where people of all ages can find something of cultural, educational and entertainment value.
Please visit us soon as we will be updating this website with news and upcoming events!
For questions regarding this venture, please contact us at